How I Save My Marriage Today

How I save my marriage today was great story worth sharing. I am certain that fellow wives and mothers could learn from this. Right after college, my husband and I decided to get married. Just like any other hopeful wives to be, I was really excited to be married. I view marriage as something beautiful, meaningful and something that is worth giving my life to. Right from the beginning, I gave up my dream of being a psychiatrist, and became a full time wife to my husband. I have no complains, no regrets, since it is something that a wife should do.

Save my marriage
Save my marriage

There were moments where we would fight and I would feel hurt, because I feel that I am not taken seriously as I would like to be. After 2 years of being married, I was pregnant with our first baby. I was at my happiest. I felt fulfilled, because I believe that I am doing my purpose. It also gave me hope that my relationship with my husband would improve.

But it did not. He became distant and was not all that excited as I was about the pregnancy. I understand his actions as avoidance from the impending obligation that would burden him. I was patiently waiting for him to come around and be involved with the pregnancy. When I gave birth, he was not even in the hospital. He went out to drink. Again, I perceived this as relieving the tension from being a dad. He was never really good in handling any kind of emotions. He remained distant and he takes care of his own business while I take care of the family. This has been my role for years till I had my second child. I was always on the background. I exist to be seen, and not to be heard. I realized that this is wrong when I can see us living parallel lives.

The secret on how I save my marriage today was I decided to take a stand to be hear and make my presence felt. I took care of myself, and nurtured myself esteem. Once I command respect, my husband respected me and saw me in a different light. He liked what he saw. From then on my marriage became exciting and balance. This is how I save my marriage today.

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