This Is For The People Who Need Help With Marriage

When you need help with marriage, you have come to the right place. There are so many reasons why a marriage does not work, and one of them is believing on what should or should not be in a marriage. In other words, you believe in myths about marriages that only make your marriage more complicated than it already is. Continuity to believe on these marriage myths can lead to a marriage breakdown. Here are the myths that you need to stop believing.

Great marriages need to have great romance. Marriage involves stages and phases, and one of these phases is the honeymoon stage where romance is at its peak, where you can’t get enough of each other, where you can’t wait to see each other, where you spend most of your waking hours making love to each other.

Help with marriage
Help with marriage


This is such a beautiful and romantic phase. I also suggest that you need to make the most of this phase in your relationship, because this moment is indeed magical. But magical also means that it has to end, but this isn’t a bad thing at all. Going from one phase to another is necessary. This means that your love transcend to a much deeper kind of love. A love that is less giddy, but more stable. You have to keep in mind that your new husband cannot keep on buying you fresh flowers every day when there are bills to pay and mortgage to keep up with. Although romance is important in a relationship, it is important to keep a balance and realistic romance.

Great marriage does not need great sex. Let me clear this out for you, romance is different from sex. Although both have a great connection, but they are both totally different. When you believe that you don’t need sex in your marriage, then you definitely need help with marriage. Sex is one of the things that make your marriage special; it is one of those things that make your relationship different from any other kind of relationships. Sex in not just sex alone, it is communication in a deeper level. This is one important information you need to know when you need help with marriage.

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